​Are you a mom struggling with breastfeeding?

You're not alone. Many new mothers struggle with difficulties ranging from severe pain, to anxiety about the process, to latching, even bonding. Whatever you're dealing with...


I can help.


For over 14 years I have helped mothers in and around Boulder, CO who are struggling with breastfeeding develop a sense of ease and confidence when nursing their babies, leading to a calmer and deeply bonding experience.

Now he is a champion feeder and everyone is relieved and much happier! Thank you Diane, you are an angel! Thank you, a thousand thank yous!"
— Sue B.

What I like best about the way Diane approaches breastfeeding problems is that she doesn't just look at latch, doesn't just look at weight gain… she approaches it holistically, taking into consideration the mother’s needs, the baby’s physical issues as well as their emotional demeanor. Diane looks at the entire system of mom and baby, does her best to address what she can, and refers mom and baby to others when something is beyond the scope of what she can address. We are so, so grateful for all Diane done for us. 
— Karina

I am a board certified lactation consultant and work with moms who are struggling with breastfeeding.