Diane was kind and gentle in answering all the questions I had as a clueless and unprepared first time mom. She helped me craft a realistic pumping schedule that would maintain my supply AND my sanity. She created a plan to transition us from bottles to breastfeeding, and adapted it as progress was made. Moreover, she was extremely patient in giving me information so that the visits were completely covered by my insurance company.

Thank you, Diane!
— Mary

I called Diane when my third child was born because she had been a wonderful source of support for me after the birth of my first baby. When I first met Diane I was still struggling with an over supply of milk even after working with another lactation consultant. Diane helped me turn things around and was always patient, helpful, and a good listener. 


The home visits were the key to my success. Diane assessed and adjusted my breastfeeding technique using my own furniture and pillows. She encouraged my husband to stay in the room and take private photos for my reference in case my "Mom Brain" forgot everything. She gave him tips on how to help me self-correct, and taught him ways to form his own bond with baby since I would be taking over most of the feedings. She also evaluated baby's latch by watching and listening to him nurse, and feeling inside his mouth.

Diane met with me right away. I had considered myself to be very knowledgeable when it comes to breastfeeding but I was so impressed by how much she knows! She considered causes that I hadn't ever heard of and had ways to help that were new too. What a delight!

Diane is kind, easy to connect with and an exceptionally good listener. She was very respectful of my daughter's boundaries and supportive of our nursing relationship. She identified what was going on and suggested several things to help. 

I also really really appreciated her kindness and gentle compassionate nature, as the postpartum time is tough enough without adding feeding problems on top of it! Diane was very reassuring and comforting for ME at a time when I needed it. 

My daughter responded really well to Diane's suggestions and I found my time with her to be not only helpful for our feeding issues but helpful for my confidence and comfort in those first few weeks of learning to feed a baby with a recent tongue and lip tie revision.

— Kara M.​

When my youngest daughter was born, I called Diane for lactation support as soon as I noticed my baby was having problems at the breast. It seemed like she could not get a good latch and I was in pain when nursing her. Diane came to my house right away and began assessing my three-day-old daughter's latch. She quickly recognized the problem, offered ideas and research-based information and within a few days, all the problems were resolved. Diane followed up with us each day until she and I were confident that the breastfeeding issues were solved. She was readily available when I needed support and careful to respect our need for rest after having a new baby. 

Diane went out of her way to help me figure out what was going on. After changing doctors and getting a diagnosis that was accurate, Diane even provided me additional things that I could do to help with the pain. 

I can’t say enough how helpful Diane has been. She is very responsive to emails and continued to help me even after our in home consultations. I really needed an advocate and someone in my court given all the stress and challenges I was dealing with. Diane provided that support that I really needed. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone having any sort of breastfeeding challenges. I wish I would have worked with Diane immediately after giving birth as she could have provided so many proactive suggestions to help get nursing off to a good start.

Thanks again for all the help!
— Lara

We are so glad we knew to call Diane right away when breastfeeding didn't feel comfortable. Her advice and early intervention set us up on a wonderful path for long-term nursing. My daughter will be two years old this October and we are still happily nursing!
— Karli S.​​

I found out that my daughter Amia had a lip tie when she was a few months old. I was advised by a different IBCLC not to revise it because it didn’t seem to be causing any issues with nursing. When Amia was 15 months or so, we discovered several cavities on her front teeth, and I realized they were probably caused by the lip tie. So, we went on the hunt for a provider who could revise her tie and for an IBCLC that could support us through that process. I was concerned that Amia might wean early after the revision. I wanted to make sure we had an IBCLC who could help an older baby learn to latch correctly after revision and who understood about the impact ties can have on not only breastfeeding but other issues as well (speech, cavities, etc.).

My pain turned around within a few hours! She kept in contact with me for several days, suggesting new healing techniques as the problem shifted.

I am fully healed a few days later and am so grateful. I strongly recommend Diane for anyone who needs help!
—  Ellie W.​

I came to Diane for help when my daughter was 26 months old. I had already experienced a wide range of issues that could come up while nursing. This time I was in excruciating pain and I didn't know why.  

I will be forever grateful to Diane and what she has given me and my youngest daughter. I had wanted so desperately to breastfeed my first two children. Unfortunately I had a myriad of issues working against me: breast augmentation, autoimmune disease, and premature delivery. Needless to say I was not able to breastfeed them, and in fact was told by a different lactation consultant that I should give up trying. 

Luckily, Diane not only recognized Amia’s tie and the impact it was having on us, but she was super supportive and met with us multiple times (and answered countless emailed questions!) to help Amia learn to latch better. Amia is a sensitive child and has always been uncomfortable around people she doesn’t know well, and Diane was so gentle and patient with her, never forcing her to do anything she didn’t want to and always striving to make her feel as comfortable as possible by respecting her boundaries.

Thank you so much for everything. Your support has been so helpful to me in getting through this time - I don't know if I would still be breastfeeding without your support, and I am glad I am still going at it. When I first called you I was thinking about weaning. I really appreciated your support around weaning, and it gave me the courage to know that I had options. Things started to get better...yay! Overall I am feeling healthier and better. And my baby is doing great! I am really happy to have been able to keep breastfeeding all this time - she is almost six months. I really, really thank you for your support, you were a really, really an important connection for me during a hard time. I think you are wonderful and really great at your job! 
—  Sarah A.

Your skills are unparalleled and I'm thinking adding "The Baby Whisperer" to your website is imperative. I'm also thinking you could open "Diane Centers" around the world, so you could travel and tout your wisdom to throngs of adoring followers. 😋😀

Jessica and Mark H.

Diane has been so helpful for me throughout many issues I’ve had with breastfeeding. She has a ton of knowledge but is also very compassionate and supportive. I reached out to Diane when my little boy was about 6 weeks old. I had some complications after his birth which caused my milk supply to be very low. I had worked with the hospital lactation consultants but wasn’t getting the support and help I really needed. 

I was so grateful, too, that Diane acknowledged that Amia might have some sensory issues (which no one else seemed to believe) and put me in touch with someone who could provide additional support for that.

Over a year later (at nearly three years old), Amia still nurses — I credit our ability to continue this long to Diane and the support and education Diane has provided us.

— Karina

The consult was incredibly helpful and we overcame the bottle rejection I was so concerned about. Several pieces of information and strategies Diane gave us were useful! We have used different bottles, positions, and other things Diane suggested to avoid distress for my son. This really worked!

— Laura M.

When we were surprised with a third baby, I knew I needed to approach breastfeeding from a different perspective. I met with Diane prenatally to prepare myself to achieve this dream. I instantly felt that she knew how important this was to me, and she held no bias towards me or my personal history. She gave me tips for the hospital, and then I met with her shortly after coming home on several occasions. She helped me reach my first goal of 2 days breastfeeding, then 1 week, then two, then one month…. And now our little one is 6 months and still exclusively breastfed.  

Diane was amazing. She listened to me and asked a lot of questions to determine the cause and what was going on with my milk. She offered many options to me and was very supportive of the decisions I made. In addition she helped me with my latch which I didn’t know was a problem at the time. My little one and I are now much more comfortable through feedings. Lastly, I was having severe pain in my breast after feedings. My doctor was not very helpful in determining what was causing it.

I feel absolutely blessed that I am able to breastfeed my baby after so desperately trying and failing before. There is no way I could have done this without the support, knowledge, and encouragement of Diane. 
Thank you,
— Lindsay

Since the consultation we have had way more success at latching and C is gaining lots of weight. You provided lots of ideas of things we could do to improve things further and a plan of action for how to deal with his tight little mouth. The consult was amazing and just what we needed. We are growing in confidence every day. 

Thanks again for all your help! You are a life saver.

— Becca​​

I'm so glad I was referred to Diane during my struggles with nursing. At two weeks old, my daughter was having a very difficult time latching. It was so painful for me as well, but I didn't want to give up. Diane was very supportive of my thoughts and concerns. She was so helpful in giving me ideas to try while nursing, while allowing us space to try different things out. She was very responsive in getting back to my questions, and was always available for follow up questions. After many attempts and a lot of patience, my daughter finally got the latch down and the pain started to dwindle for me. If it weren’t for Diane's guidance, I probably would have given up on nursing. Diane is such a supportive, nurturing, and knowledgeable person. I highly recommend Diane as a lactation consultant.

—  Crystal G.

I am eternally grateful to Diane for helping me transition from full-time pumping & bottle-feeding to full-time breastfeeding!

I found Diane when my preemie was about 6 weeks old. By that time, I was desperate for relief! I was exhausted by an unsustainable pumping goal of 8–10x/day, felt like a failure for not being able to meet it, and stressed about my supply dropping when I missed a session. I was longing to breastfeed, to feel that special bond with my baby. I was suffering from wrist and neck pain from poor posture and mechanics when holding my baby. And, I was overwhelmed by all the medical costs that accompany a new baby.

Diane was very knowledgeable and up to date with research on tongue and lip ties and how they affect feeding, and was very flexible in her approach, i.e., if something wasn't working or getting results she had many more options to try. I loved that she came to my house also, as both my baby and I were more comfortable.

Diane was an empowering and wise source of support for me and my newborn son at a crucial time when my son was struggling to breastfeed. I had already successfully breastfed my older two children and I knew something was wrong. None of the other professionals who worked with us could pinpoint the problem until Diane identified the issue so that we could resolve it. She was entirely correct and nursing from that point on was relaxed and easy.

Diane continued to support us, guiding me to meet my own breastfeeding goals. I recommend her highly — not only for her clinical expertise — which is impressive —  but also her warm, supportive style.
— Suzanne F.