At one of the most tender times of your life, you probably want to feel accepted and heard when getting help with lactation. I offer gentle support through careful and thorough listening about what matters to you. I draw on a whole variety of approaches I've integrated over my sixteen-plus years working in lactation. Your preferences and needs guide the choices we make together.


​I've often thought about why I do what I do. After all, I made a very conscious choice to become an IBCLC — it's not the kind of profession you just fall into! What's really, really important to me is supporting mothers and babies kindly and sensitively to help them both feel better.​

When I was breastfeeding and looking for help, I was frustrated to find judgment. The message I heard was that there was only one right way to do things. I felt like a failure and a bad mother. No one wants to feel this way, especially as an exhausted and vulnerable new mother. Respect, acceptance and empathy for every mama I work with is a given. I can honestly say that I have never met a mother who wasn't working hard at doing the absolute best she could. I want to support you. My goal is to build your confidence and work with your own goals so that you are successful, whatever success means for you.


I help mothers with such issues as:

Difficult breastfeeding
Painful/sore nipples and/or breasts
Uncomfortable latch/painful latch/difficult latch

Concerns about possible tongue tie and/or lip tie

Post-revision of tongue and/or lip
Too much or too little milk supply or milk production
Baby’s low weight gain
Plugged/clogged ducts

Avoiding nipple confusion
Returning to work
Bottle refusal/bottle feeding
Breastfeeding with flat nipples
Food allergies
Fussy/colicky baby
Medical issues/medications

Difficulty nursing an older sibling

Breastfeeding after breast surgery

Unusual looking nipples and/or breasts

Babies born early

Transition to solid foods

Helping toddlers eat healthier foods

I work with each mother to find solutions that work for her and that she thinks are feasible.